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Kalarthi Advertising Agency in Rajasthan
60 Years in Advertising

An enterprise with offices at four locations in Rajasthan and coverage over the entire state, dates around six decades back to its origination.

The Evolution

In 1954 a fourteen year old boy alighted in the city of lakes with some brushes in his hands, dreams in his eyes and with an artistic bend of mind. Since then he has never looked back. Toiling to the last drops of sweat and blood throughout the days Kalarthi ji, as our honorable father Mr. K. L. Chouhan has been popularly known, reigned over the kingdom of any expression of art in the city. Cinematic banners, hoarding at every cinema hall of Rajasthan, the rallies of national festivals at city stadiums, effigies for regional festivals and many more not only did come alive with the fine arts and exact colours but also had a full effects of mechanism and technology of concurrent era.

He has given Midas touch to the hoarding at cinema halls like Raj Mandir, Jaipur; Girdhar Mandir Jodhpur for the movies like Guide and various more. He has rubbed shoulders with famous personalities of corporate world and media.

The nineties wiped the country with high technology and the computer era begun. “Kalarthi” was among the first one to be affected. The office, workshop and the men force all got transformed. The brushes, papers, slides etc were replaced by mouse clicks, computer systems, disks CDs, high tech printers and a new generation with micro chipped mind.

Seeking the need of the time and with the blessings of the almighty the old banyan tree has spread in four major cities of Rajasthan; namely Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer and the capital city Jaipur. It does not only cater to the needs of the advertising field, its under lying motive is to provide employment to as many hands as possible to lead a dignified life and prosper the talents too.

Men at work