Corona LED Effect

  1. We are the manufacturer of LED Sign Board, LED Display Boards and LED Running Display Boards. The LED sign boards make an extraordinary impact at night. These luminous boards are cost effective and consume less power compared to neon boards and backlit glow sign boards. The LED boards are new age ad material, that could be made with Acrylic Boards.
  2. If you are looking for a sign board to get noticed – all while saving energy, cost and maintenance, there is nothing that can top LED. Our quality LEDs not only last long but do maintain a good level of brightness throughout their lifespans.
  3. With our LEDs, businesses can use virtually any combination of lights and create different types of digital flashes, animations, colour changes and movements. This versatility and flexibility is not possible with neon lights.
  4. LED sign boards are fairly comparable in price, so your ultimate decision will likely come down to what your business wants to get from your advertising.